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For businesses that need the basics of online sales & quoting.

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For businesses with simple, multi-step online sales & quoting needs.

monthly / billed


For businesses that need the full power of Oroox’s online sales & quoting platform.

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Usage StarterGrowthEnterprise
Fee per quoted part exceeds monthly volume
If the monthly transaction volume exceeds, this amount is charged for each additional quote.
Parts quoted up to
Maximum number of quotes per month
Registered Clients
Maximum number of total registered clients
Backoffice User
Maximum number of Backoffice Users
Active Machines per Operation
Activatable machines per production process
Calculation Rule Templates per Operation
Available caluculation templates to choose per production process
Hole Finishing Operations
Activatable hole finishing processes out of a selection of operations
Surface Finishings Operations
Activatable surface finishing processes out of a selection of operations
Multiple manufacturing technology support
Supports multiple industries in one solution. For example Sheet Metal + CNC Milling & Lathe/Turning.
Add on support
Add-on support allows to expand the functionality of the software application without the need for extensive modifications to the underlying codebase.
Assembling Operations
Supports assembling. Includes welding operations and standard parts.
Custom Calculation Rules
Supports the individualization of calculation rules.
Custom Validation Rules
Supports the individualization of validation rules.
Multiple Market Groups Support
Support of market groups to make individual settings for specific regions. This includes basic >calculation, currencies, units of measure, taxes, customs, languages and much more.
Multi Languages storefront
Number of activatable languages for storefront from offered languages.
Email Customisation
Customizable email templates for all automatic outgoing mails.
Online Payment Integration
Online payment integrations like credit cards, paypal, direct bank transfer.
Tax Automation
Configurable taxes per country and market group.
Packaging Automation
Configurable calculation of packaging for the produced goods.
Duty Automation
Configurable calculation of duties for the produced goods per country and market group.
Multiple Currencies support
Supports different currencies on storefront.
Multiple plant support
Supports different plants their machines, pricing etc.
Shipping Automation
Type of calculation of shipping costs.
ZIP basedAPI & ZIP basedAPI & ZIP based
Sales Dashboard
Overview of your online business.
Customer, Order and Quote Manager
Management of customers, orders and offers with high functionality.
Machine, Tools Manager
Management of machines, settings and tools
Material Manager
Management of materials
Operation Manager
Management of operations
Customizeable parameters on Entities
Add, change and delete additional parameters for machines, tools, materials, customers, orders, etc.
XML Export – Customers, Orders
Export customers and orders via download. For this purpose, a structured XML file is provided for further use, for example toimport into ERP.
Zapier Integration
Supports Zapier to connect to over 5000 apps.
Rest API
Interacting with system over REST interface.
Material supplier API supported
Integrating a custom, client specific API to material suppliers.
Custom ERP API supported
Integrating a custom, client specific API to ERP systems.
Trigger Webhooks to third party systems in case of some actions.
Custom API supported
Integrating a custom, client specific API for different usecases.
White Labeling
Fit the service to your brand.
Individualisation of Header and Footer
Choose out of different header and footer templates.
Custom Storefront Content
Customize storefront content and labels to specific wordings.
Custom Domain
Establishing a custom domain name yourcompany.com for the service.
Widget adaption to your company style
Selection of different widget templates in all parts of your quoting service.
Hidden “Powered by Oroox”
“Powered by Oroox” is not hidden in the footer of service.
Commitment required
Minimum duration of the contract for the specific subscription.
6 months12 months24 months
Credit card w/ autopay required
The usage fee will be charged to your credit card on a monthly basis or in 12 months in advance in case of annual payment.
Dedicated Account Manager
Support is connected to a specific Person/Projectmanager.

Industrial sectors

Frequently Asked Questions​

We recommend that you enter the new business model carefully. Sum up the figures of your existing business, think about which production processes you want to offer online and choose the appropriate price model. Our sales support will be happy to advise you.

If you exceed the monthly included quoting volume, at the end of each month the quotes exceeding the volume will be charged with the indicated fee.

Every single part that is uploaded and calculated counts as a part quote. In case of an assembly, each subpart is counted

The minimum term is 12 months. You can cancel or downgrade your subscription after a period of 12 months at the end of the term. After 12 months the contract will be automatically extended for another 12 months.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We don’t collect credit card details but use the trusted 3rd party Stripe as a credit card gateway. Your credit card details will be held by them in their secure digital vault.

Customization is possible in the Enterprise version. Please contact our sales support for detailed advice.

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