Why Smart Manufacturers Rush To Oroox

Oroox is taking the world by storm helping manufacturing businesses globally get more orders having a unique client experience.

Oroox is quickly taking over the Sheet Metal business by providing an unmatched efficiency when it comes to quoting, converting, processing and invoicing orders. Smart manufactures are giving a hard time to other competitors by offering their clients unprecendented features in the market providing the best alternative to traditional spreadsheets and manual quoting.

What is Oroox Quote Sheet Metal?

Oroox Quote Sheet Metal is the manufacturer’s smart sales solution. Customers upload their STEP or DXF files on the manufacturer’s website and the quoting process starts instantly with a three-dimensional preview of the sheet metal parts or assembly in the wizard.

The system recognizes all necessary production steps, machining processes, individual sheet metal parts, assemblies, standard parts and profiles based on the geometry and guides customers through the price calculation process.

With one click the customer can order the parts or assemblies and receive a confirmation email with all necessary details.

The system is designed for fast and efficient manufacturing of sheet metal parts and assemblies, including sheet metal stamping, bending, milling and turning processes.

Oroox Quote Sheet Metal offers you a completely new way of pricing and quoting. The automatic geometric recognition allows you to take into account all relevant material parameters for calculating the price. This is especially important for thin-walled parts or parts with complicated geometries (e.g., holes).

With Oroox Quote Sheet Metal, you always have a complete overview of your customer processes across all process levels, be it costing, ordering or quotation generation.

Why my customers will love the Oroox Quote

What kind of customer service do you want to offer your clients?

If you’re like most manufacturers, you probably want to make sure they’re happy. You want them to know that you’ll go the extra mile for them. And you want them to be confident in your abilities and capabilities.

At Oroox, we believe that offering a great experience is key to building relationships with our customers. It’s how we’ve built our business and it’s how we continue to grow. It’s not just about creating good products; it’s about providing excellent service — from initial quote through delivery of the product.

So how can Oroox help you deliver an exceptional customer experience?

The Oroox Quote process gives clients a visual representation of the part or assembly they’re looking for. They don’t have to wait for a quote or wait for someone else on your team to get back with them with details about their project. They can see exactly what they need on their screen at any given moment and can place an order immediately if they choose.

Once they receive their quotation, they can follow along as their order moves through production and shipping processes in real time. No more waiting days or weeks just wondering where something is at in the process — your client knows exactly


Your digital manufacturing data at your fingertips with Oroox Quote

With Oroox Quote managing digital manufacturing data comes easy. The Oroox rule engine enables you to generate quotations in an automated way.

A key feature of OX Quote is the possibility to upload files in STEP or DXF format. The system recognizes all details such as profiles or standard parts, parts that cannot be produced and assemblies that are disassembled into individual parts.

Materials can be defined freely in OX Quote. The customer chooses his material either for the entire assembly or for individual parts. The robustness of the material is pre-recognized, so that it can be determined which tools are needed for processing.

The dimensions and parameters are transferred from the geometric recognition into the Oroox rule engine. This enables a very high degree of visualisation for the specific production.

Price calculations, feasibility rules, machine selection and much more has been individually adapted here for sheet metal manufacturers by Oroox.


Takeaway: Oroox Quote Sheet Metal is the only complete solution that the sheet metal manufacturer needs

Developed by industry, for industry. Oroox is the only solution designed to help you increase your shop’s revenues through transparency and efficiency: instantly communicating and streamlining your quoting process; increasing profitability through improved operational efficiency and planning via best-in-class optimization tools; Oroox can revolutionize your business. If you want to know more, just give us a call or join us for a demo and we can show you how Oroox can help you take your business to the next level.

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