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Satisfy customer with online sales of profile and tube parts processing

Manufacturing - Online Sales of Custom Profile and Tube parts

Revolutionize your profile and tube prosessing business with Oroox Quote E-Commerce Solution and quote your prices online. Enter into a new digital age.

Manufacturing - Online Sales of Custom Profile and Tube parts


Feasibility check and identification of necessary manufacturing processes based on customized manufacturing rules.


Instant and accurate price calculation with considering all relevant factors such as material costs, machine use, additional work and more.


The customer navigates to self-checkout to provide address, choose delivery date and place the order.


Here the manufacturer steps in and does what he knows best: to produce!


Once production is completed, products are shipped with continuous order status tracking.

The process for your customer is easy and intuitive

Oroox software will be integrated into your website. Your customers upload their files. The quoting process starts with a three-dimensional preview of the profiles and tube or assembly in the wizard. The software detects all necessary production steps, machining processes, individual tube parts, assemblies, standard parts and profiles based on the geometry and guides customers through the specifications, ending with a quotation. Following this, the client can order and checkout.

Upload Files in 3D

Multi upload 3D files like STEP to the system. The files will then be processed and run throw the detection modul. All operations and specific parameters of the parts will be recognized and you start to configure your needs for this part. Full assemblies are also supported.

Manufacturing Online Sales - Upload 3D Files for Quoting Profiile and Tube parts
Manufacturing Online Sales - Choose Material for Profiles and Tubes

Choose Material

Select your preferred material from a fitting range. If necessary, indicate whether you require a specific certificate for the material or if you desire a special cutting quality. To enhance optimization, the material will be nested behind the scenes, incorporating all parts included in the current quote.

Input or Select Quantity

Define your quantity or get a proposal of a set of standard quantities provided. On quantities the common costs like setup time are considered and shared over all uploaded parts.

Manufacturing Online Sales - Select a Quantity for Profile or Tube Part
Manufacturing Online Sales - Specify Hole Finishing for Profile or Tube part

Specify Hole Finishing

You can define specific machining operations for each hole, such as countersinks, threads and much more. By opening the hole section or selecting the hole on the 3D part, you can set your preferences.

Define Surface Finishing

Want to have a surface finishing on your part or assembly? Choose out of a varity of provided finishings and specify colour, colour style and many more.

Manufacturing Online Sales - Define Surface Finishing on Profile or Tube part
Manufacturing Online Sales - Get a Quotation for Profile or Tube parts

Get Quotation

Your projects get calculated. Receive all prices based on common used and nested materials and quantities in your current quote project. Depending on the delivery date you can receive markups or discounts.

Order now

Check your offer and start the order process. After entering the billing and delivery address and selecting the shipping and payment options, you will receive your summary including taxes, duties, shipping and packaging costs. Ready to press “Order now”.

Manufacturing Online Sales - Order a Profile or Tube Part
Manufacturing Online Sales - Get Order and Quote History from Profile and Tube Parts

Get your Order and Quote History

You as a client have all the time the overview from your past quotes and orders at any time with full insight to details. The system allows the possibility to reorder or see the live status of your order which is in progress.

Your daily work with Backoffice

The software can help any profile and tube company to optimize its operations and make a big impact on the industry. It is natural to gravitate towards software with the greatest number of features. However, you need to ensure that the features are essential for your operations. You need to select software that can help you free manpower and increase your revenue. This way, your staff can spend more time in contact with your customers and focus on production.

Overview your online business

Your dashboard gives you and your order and sales managers a perfect overview of your online business. Charts are provided to see your new customer registrations, quotes and orders. For better production management, you can see the history of the last days to produce accordingly.

Manufacturing Online Sales - Get a live Overview of Profile and Tube Business
Manufacturing Online Sales - Welcome new Online clients for Profile and Tube Business

Welcome your new clients

In your customer overview you will find and manage all possible customer data. An overview of the entire order and offer history, the customers, users and payment types as well as delivery and invoice addresses of each individual customer. Conditions and much more can be adjusted per customer.

Process your orders

All order details at a glance. Monitor all your incoming orders and history. Order confirmation is automatically generated and sent to the front store. Customers can be informed about the status of their order in real time while the system is running.

Manufacturing Online Sales - Produce Online Orders for Profile and Tube Business
Manufacturing Online Sales - Get running Quotes from Online Profile and Tube Business

Check the running quotes

Check the history of all your outgoing offers. Analyse the offers and check if customers have stayed with the order. Perfect data for upselling. Increase the conversation rate when contacting customers and impress them with your service outreach.

Quote a wide range of profile and tube manufacturing processes

Our systems include a rule engine that allows you to cover a wide range of processes.

Cutting (Laser)

Processing, Tube Loading, TubeChanging, Sorting, Programming, Setup, Nesting, Gas, Validation etc.


One-sided Processing, Validation etc.


Processing, Setup, Tool Loading, Handling etc.


Processing, Setup, Tool Loading, Handling etc.


Processing, Setup, Tool Loading, Handling etc.

Deburring, Grinding

Processing, Setup, Handeling, Processing, Loading etc.

Surface Finishing

Powdercoating, Anodizing, Hot dip Galvanising, Sandblasting, Wetcoating, Electropolishing, Chemical nickel plating etc.

Oroox transforms your Profile and Tube Processing Sales to E-Commerce

Transform your sales strategy and outpace your competitors by leveraging the advantages of e-commerce for custom parts. With software from Oroox, you can generate fast and accurate quotes, giving you a competitive edge and the ability to win more tube procsessing business. From quote requests to payment processing, our streamlined process ensures a unique customer experience, allowing you to focus on your craft.

Connect Oroox with Webhooks to your favorite tools

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First, the parameters of the parts are detected. The next steps are flattening, bend allowance calculation, bend deduction or bend compensation, nesting and material optimization. Finally, the system runs calculation rules to determine the price. Read more

Sheet metal manufacturers have specific capabilities and limitations due to their machines, tools and expertise. Part validation includes assessing whether the design aligns with these capabilities. Aspects such as maximum sheet size, sheet thickness, available capacity of the press brake, laser cutting or punching capabilities and any specific design guidelines or limitations of the manufacturer are evaluated. Oroox offers a set of validation rules that can be selected and customised by the manufacturer.

Yes, Oroox has developed a rules engine for calculation and validation. Each manufacturer receives a set of standard rules or can customize these rules to their needs. This makes the Oroox system very flexible and adaptable to all needs.

Oroox offers different scalable pricing models with usage fees for each size. The monthly fee comes with a base amount of quotes included. The volume that exceeds the quotes is charged with an additional fee per quote. Above a certain volume, a price per quote between 1.20 and 2.00 Euros is to be expected.
Read more

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