New Product Launch: Oroox Quote for Milling and Turning

Covers your customers’ entire e-commerce journey from smart quoting, order processing to automated production.
Unlock a new business model to secure your position at the dawn of digital manufacturing. Our quoting software covers your customers’ entire e-commerce journey from smart quoting, order processing to automated production.

What is Oroox Quote?

Oroox Quote is an innovative software that enables manufacturers to streamline their quoting estimations and provide fast, accurate, and easy prices for their customers. However, Oroox Quote is more than simply a quoting software. It is also an e-commerce toolkit that brings the full scope of your business practices into the digital realm.

With Oroox Quote, your customers can have access to prices in real-time, customize parts, purchase, and track the delivery of their orders online while you solely focus on the production. Instead of waiting for calls from the same customers, getting bogged down with e-mails and spreadsheets, and calculating each part manually, you can fast-track to the future where you meet new clients every day and produce on-demand.

Oroox is the leading provider of quoting software for CNC machining that combines quoting with automated e-commerce. It is ideal for serial prototyping as well as high-volume production.

Why is online quoting so important and why should you care about it?

Old-school suppliers are on the verge of extinction. Amid the wave of constant technological innovation, it is imperative for manufacturers to adopt automation to survive. An online quoting software that also has fully developed order processing and automated delivery features adds value to the manufacturing industry by digitizing the customer experience. Customers who have an easy time using a software that allows them to see prices have a much higher rate of coming back and staying loyal to your business.

In addition to retaining your current customers, online quoting also enables you to expand your current customer base, as it opens you up to the rest of the world. Instead of limiting yourself to a smaller geography, you can serve customers from all corners of the world and watch your revenues skyrocket. You can also significantly bring down your internal costs by eliminating the costly manual procedures that are a part of not only production but also sales and marketing.

Even more crucial is that customers today know about this software, and they demand the availability of these online services from their manufacturers. Therefore, not having the digital capabilities to serve your customers virtually puts you at a severe disadvantage and risk of losing (or even leaving) the game against your competitors. Following in the footsteps of B2C businesses, B2B organizations are also slowly but surely ramping up their e-commerce initiatives. The B2B manufacturing industry is at the very heart of this transformation. As a manufacturer who has yet to offer online quotes to your customers, your best strategy would be to move and adapt earlier than your competitors.

What happens after you onboard Oroox Quote?

Onboarding happens within a few days. The software can be seamlessly integrated into your website as well as with your CNC machines to harmonize e-commerce with production. Once set up, your customers can upload their design files and be guided at every step of the way from price estimation to delivery and checkout. Our software is capable of supporting files of large sizes and automatically calculating estimated prices for complex orders of CNC machining parts and assemblies.

How does Oroox Quote work?

Our system supports a variety of 3D files (e.g., STEP) to allow your clients to upload their CNC designs directly to your website for a digital preview. Our software geometrically analyzes parts and assemblies to determine their production feasibility as well as the necessary production stages.

Based on their preferences, customers can select parameters such as material, number of additional holes, welding seams, and surface treatment. Later, these choices are factored into the estimated price. While enabling your clients to customize their orders, we also incorporate your specific manufacturing rules and tooling availability to create the optimal pathway for your CNC machines to automate all production stages.

Why should you use Oroox Quote CNC machining?

Despite being well-regarded for its high-level of precision, CNC machining is one of the more expensive manufacturing processes. Transitioning to a digital quoting solution would significantly reduce your cost per part by eliminating manual calculation costs and boosting the volume of ordered parts.

After your customers experience the relative ease with which they can request and instantly get quotes and place orders online, you will stand to extract more revenue out of your existing customers as well as reach new customers. The improved customer experience is the key to boost your revenues and grow your business.

We also understand that it is time-consuming and wasteful to allocate time and resources to processes that are outside your core area of expertise, which is production. We believe that the greatest internal benefit that online quoting software can offer for your organization is that you will be able to put all your energy into what you understand how to do best. With Oroox, you kick back, and we do the rest.

How can you optimize the use of a quoting software?

An online quoting software is a necessary step in the right direction. However, it is by no means a sure way of winning the competition unless you plan accordingly. Digital transformation is a long-term strategy and takes more than purchasing software. In order to get the most value, your organization should embrace the idea of digital transformation by re-imagining the entire breadth of its internal processes around the idea of automation.

When using an online quoting software for the first time, sometimes manufacturers can face an unprecedentedly high volume of orders that they might not be able to satisfy all customers on time. Therefore, it is important that your sales and customer support representatives, for instance, receive adequate training on how to make the software a part of their interactions with customers. Other advice and suggestions on how to achieve 360-degree digital transformation that will optimize your e-commerce software can be found on our blog.

In conclusion

Oroox Quote software is a disruptive force in the sub-industries of manufacturing. As yours is one of those industries that is changing at a rapid pace, we suggest that you stand out from your competitors by checking out our quoting software. Our easy-to-use software takes customer experience to a new level and, most importantly, upgrades you to a completely new business model.

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