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Our partners help us gain a foothold in global markets and serve customers around the world with the knowledge, skills and experience we have to meet a wide range of digital distribution needs in manufacturing. We are looking to expand our network by attracting new partners who understand our mission, embrace the Oroox brand and vouch for our solutions in new markets. Partners can participate in one or all engagement models depending on their business model.

Grow your business with the Oroox Partner Programme

Unlock New Opportunities and Accelerate Your Business Growth as an Oroox Partner. As our primary services partner, you will deliver exceptional consulting, sales, and technical services that empower our joint customers to unlock their full potential.

We offer comprehensive training, accreditations, and an array of sales and marketing benefits tailored to your specific role. With everything you need to accelerate deals, market, and win as a team, you can differentiate your services and achieve unparalleled success with Oroox.

What we are about in manufacturing​

Forcings job-shop sales

Combining job-shop sales for manufacturing with e-commerce can be a powerful strategy for reaching a broader customer base and streamlining operations. Advise and help manufactureres in your region to enter the new business model.

Automize order processing​

Implementing an online quoting system that allows potential customers to input their project requirements and receive instant price estimates is a hugh opportunity for manufacturers. Offer an easy-to-use online ordering system to place orders directly through their website

Build smart factories

Building smart factories with online e-commerce capabilities involves integrating advanced technology and automation into a manufacturing processes while also allowing customers to place orders and interact with your clients factory online.

How we aproach a Partnership​

We help more people succeed by continuously finding better, more human ways to work. Our leadership principles function as a behavioral compass to guide us in this process, through the good days and the not-so-good days. They create our unique Oroox culture.

We have a strong bottom-line orientation.
We persist in accomplishing objectives despite obstacles and setbacks.
We have a track record of exceeding goals successfully.
We push ourselves and help others achieve results.

We work cooperatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives.
We represent our own interests while being fair to others.
We partner with others to get work done.
We credit others for their contributions and accomplishments.

We come up with useful ideas that are new, better, or unique.
We introduce new ways of looking at problems.
We take creative ideas and put them into practice.
We encourage diverse thinking to promote and nurture innovation.

We gain insight into customer needs. We identify opportunities that benefit the customer. We build and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. We establish and nurture effective customer relationships.

We pick up on situational cues and adjust in the moment.
We readily adapt personal, interpersonal, and leadership behavior.
We understand that different situations may call for different approaches.
We are agile to act differently depending on the circumstances.

We seek to understand different perspectives and cultures.
We contribute to a work climate where differences are valued and supported.
We apply others’ diverse experiences, styles, backgrounds, and perspectives to get results.
We embrace the variety of cultural norms, expectations, and ways of communicating.
We are sensitive to peoples’ feelings when delivering tough messages.

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