Fundamental concept

The effects of the trend towards individualization can also be felt in medical technology. The individualisation of diagnostics, technology and therapy is an essential characteristic of so-called personalised medicine. For example, desktop applications are currently mainly used in dental laboratories and when modelling teeth. Dental technicians and dentists are usually supported by the manufacturers via e-mail.


The idea is to implement an online 3D tooth modelling with Oroox. By importing the scanned tooth onto a web platform, the design and exchange with the manufacturers could be simplified.

All previous tools and algorithms can be made available with Oroox in browser form. This would have extensive advantages: Local installation and maintenance would no longer be necessary, assistance from technicians could be provided online and live, dental data from patients could be anonymized and collected and evaluated as a BigDATA application for future product developments.


Service based business model

Development of a service-based business model including online support

Increase in efficiency

Possibility to pool orders. Maintenance-free solution.

New Markets

Simple implementation of additional languages and possibility to open up new markets

Get to know the new way of tooth modeling with Oroox

Tooth modeling - the easy way