Fundamental concept

The effects of the trend towards individualisation can also be felt in orthopaedics. This also applies to the manufacture of medical insoles. Manufacturers of such customized insoles are currently using desktop solutions or even paper form, for example to accept orders or customize insoles for patients.


The idea is to develop an online insoles designer with Oroox for the manufacturers of insoles, which can graphically capture all production possibilities. For each orthopedist who wants to use this service, only an access profile is created.

The orthopaedist uploads his foot in 2D or 3D for this purpose. Based on this scan, the size and the optimal base insole are suggested. The orthopedist can now model the proposed shape in 3D using simple algorithms and adapt it to the patient's foot.


Always open

The Internet is always open. Just as customers shop day and night, producers, for example, can place their orders around the clock. 

Expand market

Digital change is ubiquitous and is changing the market extensively. National borders are easy to overcome, deliveries can be made worldwide within a few days.

Set innovations

Innovation means a head start. The solution offers an increase in the degree of innovation while at the same time providing more complex products.

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