Fundamental concept

Industries and sectors are undergoing fundamental changes as a result of digitisation. Scaffolding can also be rethought and optimised using software. At the moment, scaffolding is being calculated by scaffolding contractors on request. This can be done on the basis of a drawing sent to us, as well as by visiting a consultant on site. This data is usually recorded, planned and calculated in desktop planning software.


The idea is to shift the planning and offering of scaffolding to an online platform, and to let the customer calculate it himself. The customer should either be able to draw his own scaffolding structure or feed in his own planning. The Oroox system plans the setup of the scaffolding completely independently and then issues the appropriate offers. The visualization in 3D is a matter of course. In addition, delivery dates and other conditions can be implemented to such an extent that customers can easily order their scaffolding online.



Directly present to the end customer with a tailor-made system.


The customer can immediately receive an offer (cost estimate).


The sales department receives a strong, sales-supporting lever and lead generator.

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