Fundamental concept

Some companies have tried to offer lighting design online, but they are very simple and do not offer all the visual possibilities that are available. Mostly prefabricated rooms are ejected by a choice of products with a rough visualization on the websites.


The idea is to create a lighting designer with Oroox, which allows a comprehensive planning and even a photorealistic visualization. The planning could be three-dimensional or by uploading the plan of the entire room and support the customer so far that he receives a very realistic exposure of the planning result without experience with deposited products.

Thanks to the technology leading backend, Oroox is also able to enable the complex and data intensive calculation of light on a web browser at a pleasant speed and highest quality.


Set innovation

Innovation means a head start. The solution offers an increase in the degree of innovation while at the same time providing more complex products.

Always open

Customers buy day and night, because the Internet is always open. The offer is always up to date, continuously adapted and expanded.

Increase customer satisfaction

The service orientation is changing the business model towards a customer-oriented form of value creation. This increases customer satisfaction.

Oroox. Design your own light

Even light simulation is now possible