Fundamental concept

The development towards Building Information Model (BIM) has long played a role in steel construction. Some hall construction companies have already tried to take a step towards digitalization using online configurators. However, the online planners used do not offer by far the possibilities that would be available.


The idea is to implement a hall planner with Oroox, which allows a comprehensive planning of a hall and a calculation as accurate as possible. The planning could be done three-dimensionally and support the customer to such an extent that - due to stored static and further characteristics - he comes very close to a final planning result. This should be made possible above all by the fact that all required calculations and properties are stored in the individual positions.



An almost unadvised online sale is possible. Only special cases are passed on.

Increase in efficiency

A realistic calculation in real time increases the efficiency of the offer preparation.



This innovation ensures a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Discover the advantages of Oroox in hall construction

Oroox. Simple implementation of complex static calculations