Fundamental concept

So far, digitalisation has hardly affected refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Neither for the production nor for the process optimization to the customer digital and up-to-date solutions could be developed so far.

At present, for example, the planning of a cold store in the professional sector (gastronomy, hotel industry,...) is a complex process. After the installer has taken up the requirements on site, the planning of the system begins together with the refrigeration technician.

The necessary performance calculations are carried out by the manufacturer or other specialists in the background. A solution is then proposed by the installer, ordered from the manufacturer and installed at the customer's premises.


Together with Oroox, the air-conditioning unit manufacturer develops a cold store planner. By implementing the complete planning and calculation knowledge, this designer could make it possible for a customer to plan his room cell independently and autonomously and then order it from the supplier.

By simplifying the input of climatic environment and positions as well as the design of the cold store in its size and form itself, both a price calculation and the technical design can be suggested. Of course, the visualisation of the cold storage cell including the associated machines is also included in 3D.

Following the calculation of the overall system, the evaluated data is transmitted to the next installation partner. The manufacturer's partner in charge can install the plant in question on the basis of the transmitted data.



Direct presence at the end customer with a tailor-made system.


The customer can immediately receive an offer (cost estimate).


The sales department receives a strong, sales-supporting lever and lead generator.

With Oroox you design your cold store yourself

The new way to plan cooling stores