Producing with OXone

OXone offers various expansion stages for production transition. The range extends from the simple transfer of relevant drawing formats to the generation of machine control codes. OXone controls the systematics of a Smart-Factory until delivery.

The digital CNC programmer

OXone tries to control machines. OXone has transferred production data of products in the form of special drawing formats or production-specific so far. In the latest generation, Oroox is researching how to generate the machine programming fully automatically in order to feed the machines directly (for example the G-Code).


Possible business process

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Transfer from the design process after ordering

All production data (material and parts lists) are received from the respective design process.

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Transfer of the order to the ERP system


The business data is transmitted electronically to the ERP and PMS.

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Generation of production data


The production data is prepared automatically for production by the system. These can be special data records or direct machine control codes such as G-Code.

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Transmission of production data


The generated data is transferred to the production system or directly to the machine.

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Start of the machine


With the appropriate setup, the machine can start production independently.