Construct with Oroox

Oroox offers different expansion stages for online construction. The range extends from building services engineering to the construction of complex workpieces. The designers are actively supported with product and production possibilities as well as static material properties.

The sheet metal constructor

Oroox developed a designer for sheet metal processing. This designer is equipped with the know-how of the machine park of the respective company. The constructor is able to create all the usual design forms, which are simultaneously checked for feasibility and price.

Possible business process

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Edit template


With individually developed drawing tools, the template can be edited and designed as desired and needed by the customer.

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Check design rules continuously


The predefined design rules are continuously checked in the background.

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Define properties


Select the properties of the template regarding the material type, thickness, texture, and quality.

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Constant support


The customer receives permanent support in form of predefined tool tips and recommendations.

Discover the design possibilities of Oroox

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