Configure with Oroox

Oroox offers different configuration levels. The range extends from simple products such as promotional items to complex industrial products with a modular structure. From different components to sizes, colours, materials and other options, the customer of a company configures his product in a playful and visual way.

The cold store configurator

The cold store configurator starts by selecting the base cell. Depending on the external conditions (heat conditions, room conditions, etc.), individual components are proposed for the defined target and left to the customer for configuration. The entry possibility and the positioning of the equipment are also defined by the customer and calculated by the system ready to be ordered.

Possible business process

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Select base product

The customer selects a basic product. By adding further components the customer is able to create a complete new individual product.

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Define properties


Select the product properties such as colour, quality, material, etc..

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Permanent check of stock level


The warehouse stock level is continuously queried in the background with the help of an interface.

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Permanent check of production


With the help of an interface, production and machine utilization are continuously checked in the background.

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Permanent check of material price

The material price is continuously queried from the database in the background.

Use Oroox to configure your future

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