Analyzing with OXone

Completely new at Oroox is the analysis of existing drawings in different formats. This involves uploading a design to a company's website. OXone then analyses the design for production steps and feasibility and transfers these parameters to the calculation module.

The digital STEP file analysis

New at Oroox is the digital analysis of STEP files. This artificial intelligence recognizes parts, material thicknesses and necessary production steps purely on the basis of drawing data in STEP files. As an example for sheet metal group components, the analysis can recognize laser cutting, types of hole processing (such as thread cutting), drilling, bending, grinding, welding, third-party elements such as rivets and screws, and much more.


Possible business process

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Upload files

The customer uploads the construction of the assembly as a STEP file.

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Visualize in 3D


The drawing is displayed in a 3D view. In the case of assemblies, the individual parts are recognized and separated.

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Identify properties


The system automatically recognizes the properties of the workpiece, such as mass, material thickness, gaps and drillings, etc., based solely on the drawing.

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Identify production operations


Production operations such as welding, edges, lasers, drilling, thread cutting and part connections are automatically recognized with their production time as well.

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Intelligent machine selection


On the basis of the recognized characteristics of the operation the system automatically selects the optimum production path and the corresponding machines and transfers them to the calculation.

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Identify components


The system automatically detects third-party components such as screws, weld nuts, rivets, profiles and much more.

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Define parameters

On the basis of a part of an assembly, the customer defines parameters such as material type, quality, surface treatment and refinement, and so on.

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Define additional treatment

Indication of further additional services and treatments such as coating, electroplating, workpiece testing and much more.