Strong customer loyalty with OXone-Servitization

OXone makes it possible to create a service from products. Customer expectations have changed radically today. Digitalization also increases productivity in the manufacturing industry because machines, systems and people are better networked. Offering consulting, planning, design and calculation in a digital service will separate the good from the traditional ones in the future.

Servitization with OXone


instead of products

The change of a company away from the sale of a material product alone to a combined offer of product and service is nowadays indispensable. By combining a product with the OXone capabilities, the customer gets more value than the physical product alone.


instead of output

Only those providers who understand the customer needs around the product even better can optimize their entire service package with the service approach. With OXone, a company can respond to these needs. This leads to the fact that one stands out significantly from other market companions.

Customer relationship

instead of transaction

A high-quality product alone is no longer sufficient to guarantee secure sales. The relationship and interaction with their suppliers, dealers and producers is getting more and more important for the customers. OXone responds to this need and enables customers to maintain this closeness and deep insight into their partner's capabilities.

Customer focus

instead of focus of product

The focus is on the customer. Successful customer centricity can create a long-term customer relationship. With OXone, a product or manufacturing service receives the customer's focus. The customer decides individually how he wants something. He is not presented with a finished product. This leads to the fact that the customer ultimately identifies himself permanently with the company via various channels.

Backwards from the customer

instead of forward from the product

The relationship with customers is often more important than the product itself. Companies which hold on just to products and infrastructure will sooner or later be overtaken by competitors that make customer relationships the core of their business model.

Create customer value

with service

The differentiation of companies purely through their products is becoming more and more difficult. The personalization and individualization of services are the new central value creation strategies.