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The future business model for sheet metal fabricators: Oroox enables the company to offer its customers, buyers and designers a unique service. After loading up a STEP file, the feasibility, price and availability are calculated and checked in real time on the company's website. The data is then transferred to CRM, ERP and the machines are controlled directly with the generated code.

Your Advantages

Automated calculation

Oroox calculates entire sheet metal assemblies fully automatically in seconds. The system recognizes processing operations such as lasering, bending, welding, drilling, punching and much more. Third party components are also integrated. Oroox decides on the use of the machines.

Check feasibility

Oroox checks the feasibility of a component group on the basis of the recorded machine parameters, the digitized production knowledge and the material properties and informs the customer of the result in real time on the website.

Programming machines

Oroox has the ability to control individual machines directly. For example, the system nests orders for laser cutting and creates the G code for the laser cutter, so that the order only has to be started at the machine.

Learning intelligence

In the course of calculations, Oroox constantly learns to interpret certain drawing elements. With this self-learning system, digital know-how grows into a huge pool of knowledge about customs and the understanding of each individual customer.

Cross order pooling

The pooling of orders OXone enables much more efficient production planning and -preparation and significantly reduces production costs. For example, the use of materials can be reduced by up to 30% through cross-order pooling.

Controlling production

In the final stage of expansion, the use of Oroox enables the control of production. The detailed, design-based overview of the entire order backlog enables Oroox to manage orders in terms of time and to combine and thus optimize them across the board.

Business process

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Upload construction file

The file created by the designer can be uploaded directly to Oroox in the form of a STEP file by Drag and Drop.

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Production identification

Automatic recognition of all operations such as edges, lasers, welding, grinding and drilling which are necessary for the completion of the workpiece. This also applies to the correct machine selection.

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Define parameters


All product-specific parameters such as material, quality class, surface treatment and much more can be defined.

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Check feasibility


With the help of an integrated rule engine, an immediate feasibility check is carried out. If there is a conflict, a warning message is displayed.

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Check material availability


Warehouse stock level can be called up via connection to the ERP system.

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Check machine availability

The connection of production planning with Oroox makes it possible to check the availability of the machinery. This creates the basis for optimizing production management.

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Check production time

The production time can be checked through the connection to the production control management.

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Calculate price

A very precise price calculation is carried out depending on all relevant factors such as material costs, machine use, additional work and many more.

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Calculate delivery time

The earliest possible delivery date is determined exactly with reference to the current utilization of the machinery.

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Order product

A guided sales process makes it very easy for a customer to order his construction. At the end of each calculation, the order can be triggered directly from the offer, depending on the desired quantity and delivery time, with a single mouse click.

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Optimize order pool

Orders with identical production specifications can be combined (pooling). This leads to a drastic increase in production efficiency.

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