Added value through service

The manufacturer offers the craftsman, the architect or the building contractor a digital consultation and service which represents sustainable added value for them. This unique service makes the product stand out from the competition and saves the user work with higher solution competence.

Get the lead in the construction industry

Provide support

Through the online support of Oroox technology, business models are changing from today's product focus to a future-oriented service approach. 

Set innovation

Innovation means a head start. A BIM solution with Oroox offers an increase in the degree of innovation and thus an image boost for the manufacturer.

Increase revenue

Possible service process

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Determine requirements

The user creates a design of his requirement directly in the browser or transfers these requirements by means of a plugin from commercially available CAD systems (e.g. Revit, Autocad, Archicad, Creo, Inventor etc.).

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Specify requirements


The exact specifications of the requirements are defined in Oroox, if this has not been completely adopted by the desktop CAD system used (e.g. load capacity to be achieved, insulation value required, etc.).

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Suggest product solution


With the help of integrated product knowledge, artificial intelligence and the self-learning system, one or more solutions or variants are proposed for the requirement and the product is modelled on the requirement.

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Perform calculations


A very precise calculation of the product variant is carried out depending on all relevant factors such as material costs, machine use, work input, additional work and many more. This can include the price, the statics, the energy value and much more.

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Store construction


The proposed solution is stored in the planning with a data model and is therefore designed and integrated in the external CAD program.

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Create documentation


A detailed and standard-compliant documentation of all relevant and necessary information is prepared for the project and made available to the planner or buyer.

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Archive project

The project is archived in the online system and can be freely ordered.

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Order products

The products of the project can be ordered online at any time and delivered in sequence.

Further information

Building Information Modelling

Oroox offers extensive functionalities as a web-based BIM application. 

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