Propose to Order

The principle Propose to Order is based on the possibility of architectural planning by the customer with the support of artificial intelligence. The planning is partly customer-driven, but is largely based on digitized empirical values. The Propose to Order principle is particularly suitable for spatial planning. The degree of standardization in production is therefore very high.

Business process

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Upload data

The end customer can plan the design of his end product directly in the browser. The user is presented with various options.

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Check availability


The warehouse stock level can be called up via connection to the ERP system. The networking of production planning with Oroox makes it possible to check the availability of the machinery.

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Check feasibility


With the help of an integrated rule engine, an immediate feasibility check is carried out. If there is a conflict, a warning message is displayed.

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Calculate conditions


A very precise price calculation is carried out depending on all relevant factors such as material costs, machine use, additional work and many others.

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Order product


With the help of the Guided Selling process, the ordering of the product is effectively supported.

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Manufacturing product

Oroox is able to send all production-relevant data directly to the machine to be produced directly after the customer has placed an order.

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Deliver product

After production, the product is packed and shipped to the customer.

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