OX QuoteSM - The software for ONLINE quoting of sheet metal parts & assemblies

Attract new customers with OX QuoteSM - the online quoting software for sheet metal parts. Customers of sheet metal processors have the possibility to quote and order online via website.

Instant price information

Instant price information

Immediate feasibility check

Immediate feasibility check

Prompt delivery information

Prompt delivery information

Online ordering possibility

Online ordering possibility

Revolutionize your sheet metal processing with OX QuoteSM and estimate your prices for sheet metal components online

Enter into a new age with your company

OX Quote SM - Upload-Screen Calculate sheet metal parts online

Calculate sheet metal parts online

OX QuoteSM price generation is integrated into the sheet metal processor's website. Customers upload their STEP or DXF files in the dedicated area of the website. The quoting process starts with a three-dimensional preview of the sheet metal parts or assembly in the wizard. The system recognizes all necessary production steps, machining processes, individual sheet metal parts, assemblies, standard parts and profiles based on the geometry and guides customers through the price calculation.

Configure sheet metal parts online

A predefined material can be selected per each part. Thicknesses are already defined. In step three, the customer has the option to configure additional parameters for production. Perforations, bendings, welding seams and standard parts are specified. The next step is to define the surface treatment and additional services. At this point software calculates the sheet metal part in price scales.

OX Quote SM - Configuration-Screen Configure sheet metal parts online

OX QuoteSM covers a wide range of manufacturing operations for quoting sheet metal parts

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Laser cutting

Laser cutting













Thread cutting

Thread cutting









Sheet metal part

Sheet metal parts

Single parts DXF and STEP

Standard parts

Standard parts

Screws, bolts, nuts, rivets



Corner, round and special profiles



The online software for quoting sheet metal parts for all manufacturing steps

OX QuoteSM is an integrated software for online quoting for companies with 20 employees or more. The innovative system for calculating sheet metal parts and assemblies combines all necessary functions of the quotation system in one online platform. Potential customers thus always have an overview of current product prices and benefit from a fast quotation and a digital ordering model.

The complexity in the area of calculation is constantly growing, the software supports sheet metal processors in a strongly changing market, online processing is becoming increasingly important.

The complete solution in one software package

With the variety of communication channels that exist between companies and their customers today, it can be a difficult task to keep track of all offers and orders. OX QuoteSM is a powerful online calculation software that combines all important data in one comprehensive B2B e-commerce system. All processes are displayed online.

In the process of calculating sheet metal parts, OX QuoteSM uses fully automatic geometric recognition to support rapid pricing according to quantities and a rapid quotation process. The digital ordering process makes purchasing easier for the customer with all options such as delivery specifications, the status of the order and the definition of payment modalities. With OX QuoteSM from Oroox, you always have a complete overview of your customer processes across all process levels, be it costing, ordering or quotation development. At the same time, digital service can strengthen your sales force both internally and externally.

Ready to use immediately and easy to handle

Setting up OX QuoteSM as a calculation and e-commerce system takes less than eight weeks on average and can be done with no additional IT or hardware required. During the implementation of the calculation tool, you will be supported by a personal partner who will assist you through the steps of setting up, importing data and adapting functions and rules and support you during this change management process. The growing demands in the production environment lead to new ordering processes: With OX QuoteSM, you have a comprehensive software package for efficient costing, with which you can easily master your future.

As a result, you save costs, increase your turnover and gain more cash flow security, so that you can focus more on your core business.

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Advanced software made simple with essential features

This software can help any sheet metal organization optimize their operations at the same time exerting strong impact on the industry. It is natural to gravitate towards software with the greatest number of features. However, you need to ensure that the features provided are essential to your operations. Therefore, you need to select software that can help you free manpower and increase your revenue. This will allow your personnel to spend more time interacting with your clients and focus on production.

OX Quote SM - DXF File Upload

DXF File Upload

OX Quote can process files in DXF format. After uploading, different layers or single shapes can be selected for processing. The verification of the construction takes place in the background. Errors in the construction are automatically detected and displayed.

STEP File Upload

OX Quote can recognize files in STEP format. After uploading, all production steps and parts such as profiles or standard parts are recognized. Assemblies are disassembled into individual parts. Parts that cannot be produced are displayed accordingly.

OX Quote SM - STEP File Upload
OX Quote SM - Material Definition

Material Definition

Materials can be freely defined in OX Quote. The customer chooses his material either for the entire assembly or for the individual part. The robustness of the material is pre-recognized.

Hole Finishing Definition

Detected holes can be defined for further processing. Whether thread or tapered hole, the list of machining options is defined and administered by yourself. In the constructing required processing operations are predefined automatically.

OX Quote SM - Hole finishing definition
OX Quote SM - Welding definition

Welding Definition

Detected welding seams can be redefined after detection is completed. You create the selection of the welding options yourself. Double seam, single seam, spot or tack welding, up to your needs.

Standard Parts Definition

Possible standard parts are stored in the system. They are automatically recognized based on the geometry. Subsequently, you have the possibility to change this specification.

OX Quote SM - Standard parts definition
OX Quote SM - Surface definition

Surface definition

You specify the surface treatment for the individual part or assembly. You manage the selection of possible treatments and their parameters yourself. A multiple selection is possible as well.

Quote and Delivery Sheet Metal Parts

The customer receives an immediate price respective for different quantities. The production and delivery time is proposed to the customer at the same time. Everything is ready to order.

OX Quote SM - Quote and Delivery

E-Commerce Overview

We are here to make your life easier.

An online shop itself does not yet make B2B e-commerce. Central data storage, business processes easy to control, flexible connection of distribution channels and maximum interaction with other systems are some of the characteristics of a successful B2B e-commerce system.

OX Quote SM - Order Checkout

Order Checkout

The product and its components in the shopping cart are purchased online. A business-to-business purchase procedure is available for this purpose, where delivery and invoice address, delivery type and payment are specified and additional production documents are uploaded.

Order Information

The buyer has access to the order and its details all the time. It is possible to see the status of production and delivery as well as the status of the payment. Thus, each calculation can be easily re-ordered later.

OX Quote SM - Order Information
OX Quote SM - Quoting Overview

Quote Overview

All calculations made are saved visibly. This gives you a good overview and an archive of past quotes and therefore allows you to order them at any time in the future.

Business Settings

In the extensive customer profile information such as the company data, the users with their purchasing budget, delivery and billing address and many other necessary details are managed.

OX Quote SM - Business Settings

Admin Panel Overview

We are here to make your life easier.

This software can help any sheet metal organization optimize their operations making a high impact on the industry. It is natural to gravitate towards software with the greatest number of features. However, you need to ensure that the features are essential for your operations. You need to select software that can help you free manpower and increase your revenue. This is to allow your personnel to spend more time interacting with your clients and focus on production.

OX Quote SM - Client Administration

Client Administration

In the customer overview you can see and manage all possible customer data. An overview of the entire order and offer history, the customer's users and payment methods as well as delivery and billing addresses. Conditions can be customized per client.

Order Administration

All order details at a glance. The order confirmation is automatically generated and sent. The customer is informed in real time about the status of order.

OX Quote SM - Order Administration
OX Quote SM - Quoting Details

Quoting Details

The structure of the quoting scheme as well as the individual price parameters can be defined individually per machine and per material. The decision which machines are used for the production of particular element is defined by rules.

Material Administration

Material, profiles, pipes, standard parts, surface treatments and much more can be added and maintained to the system. Usually, this data is automatically updated via an interface from the ERP system.

OX Quote SM - Material Administration
OX Quote SM -  Operation Administration

Operation Administration

This is the place where cost of human work and machine times are constantly maintained and adjusted. This allows for full flexibility to control the utilization of production.

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The right package for your needs

Choose a plan and optimize it with calculation functions and add-ons. We guide you on your way to an online offer.


$1'605 / mo

Further transaction $1.35
  • 800 transactions included
  • Cutting, Bending, Hole-Finishing
  • Operation and maintenance


$2'640 / mo

Further transaction $1.05
  • 2000 transactions included
  • Cutting, Bending, Hole-Finishing
  • Operation and maintenance


$4'950 / mo

Further transaction $0.90
  • 5000 transactions included
  • Cutting, Bending, Hole-Finishing
  • Operation and maintenance


on request

  • Unlimited transactions
  • Cutting, Bending, Hole-Finishing
  • On Premise

Add ons

Choose your options

Option Standard parts

Recognition and configuration of standard parts such as screws, bolts, nuts, rods, rivets and others
$160 / mo
+ per transaction $0.15

Option Nesting Expert

Professional nesting with DXF-Export
$200 / mo
+ per transaction $0.40

Option Welding

Detection and configuration of welding seams
$400 / mo
+ per transaction $0.50

Option Assembly

Recognition and quoting of entire assemblies
$265 / mo
+ per transaction $0.30

Option Profiles

Recognition and calculation of profiles and cutting processes (available from July 2020)
$240 / mo
per transaction from $0.90

Option Rotating & Milling

Recognition and calculation of CNC components (available from September 2020)
$460 / mo
per transaction from $0.95


Choose your options

Plug-in Designer

Designing of sheet metal parts online
$1'710 / mo
per transaction from $1.50

Plug-in E-Commerce

Customer frontend & admin panel, administration of customers, orders, deliveries and payments
from $470 / mo

Interfaces (API)

Choose from our options


Standard interface for exchanging customer data, order data, calculation data, payments, order status
$315 / mo


Standard interface to payment providers - credit card or Paypal per connection
$115 / mo

Implementation & Setup

Choose to setup your system


  • Adaptation of the basic set of rules
  • Adjustment of the calculation bases
  • Integration of the customer design
  • $13'000

    Setup ADVANCED

  • Global Project Management & Consulting
  • Development of the initial specifications
  • Adaptation of the regulations (feasibility check)
  • Adaptation of the machines (calculation decision)
  • Adjustment of the calculation bases
  • Connection to raw material price systems
  • Integration of the customer design
  • on request