Upload to Produce

Upload to Produce allows you to edit products based on uploaded and customizable construction files. Together with Engineer to Produce and Engineer to Order, this results in the highest degree of individualization and includes data transfer to the production machine. This principle is suitable for example for use in sheet metal and metal processing companies as well as in the machining industry (CNC).

Business process

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Upload construction file

The file created by the designer can be uploaded directly to Oroox by drag-and-drop.

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Define parameters


All product-specific parameters can be defined, such as the material, quality class, surface treatment and much more.

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Check feasibility


With the help of an integrated rule engine, an immediate feasibility check is carried out. If there is a conflict, a warning message is displayed.

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Check material availability


The warehouse stock level can be called up through connection to the ERP system.

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Check machine availability

The networking of production planning with Oroox makes it possible to check the availability of the machinery. This creates the basis for optimizing production management.

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Check manufacturing time

The production time can be checked through the connection to the production management system.

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Calculate price

A very precise price calculation is carried out depending on all relevant factors such as material costs, machine use, additional work and many others.

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Calculate delivery time

The earliest possible delivery date is determined exactly with reference to the current utilization of the machinery.

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Order product

With the help of the Guided Selling process, the ordering of the product is effectively supported.

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Generate machine control code

Oroox is able to send all production-relevant data directly to the machine to be produced directly after the customer has placed an order.

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Optimize order pool

Orders with identical production specifications can be combined (pooling), which leads to a drastic increase in production efficiency.

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