Assemble to Order

Assemble to Order (ATO) is a hybrid of make-to-stock and make-to-order production. The basic idea is order-neutral prefabrication, which is linked to customer-specific final production or assembly. ATO is therefore a production approach in which goods are only produced when a customer orders them and not produced for stock. In the manufacturing process, standardized components such as modules or assemblies are used that have been pre-produced on the basis of presumed demand.

Business process

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Configure product

The end customer can plan the design of his end product directly in a browser, whereby different possibilities are presented to the user.

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Check availability

The warehouse stock level can be called up via a connection to the ERP system.

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Calculate conditions


A very precise price calculation is carried out depending on all relevant factors such as material costs, additional work and many others.

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Order product


With the Guided Selling process, the ordering of the product is effectively supported.

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Assembling components


The assembly of the components can be planned and carried out directly through interfaces to different databases.

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Deliver product


The product is packaged and shipped to the customer.

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