Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Oroox offers full functionalities of a desktop CAD system but web based. The exact scope of services always depends on the needs of the respective application. Tools and utilities are provided as required for the function in the industry-specific application. According to the motto "as simple as possible".

Design and plan on the Web

Oroox allows you to design and plan on the Web. With Oroox manufacturers and producers are enabled to provide their own CAD solution in their specific area to customers as a service.

Individual tool for the industry

Oroox works with the service provider to develop customized tools and aids for drawing and shaping the specific CAD application. The user (customer) benefits enormously from this service adapted to the manufacturer. The specific solution simplifies, supports and allows only what is feasible and reduces the planning process to the essentials.

Let your customers design with Oroox

Simple planning of complicated constructions is our competence