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The world is changing fast and we make sure that we are one step ahead of these changes. Oroox AG plays a central role in the area of graphic and constructive business applications on the Internet. Since 2014 Oroox AG stands for software solutions that create new opportunities for innovation and growth of companies to be successful in competition.

Brief information


The company was founded in Liechtenstein in 2014 and has offices in Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna, Krakow and Brussels. We strengthen companies with reliable, efficient and secure individualization solutions. Combined with our personal visions and our sophisticated thinking, we already meet the requirements of tomorrow today. Our products and services are in use worldwide. The company is managed by CEO and founder Markus Hannes Winter.

Staff members

We owe our success to our employees. They give Oroox a face and have made the company what it is today. To enable our employees to fully develop their existing potential and discover new talents, we offer an appropriate environment as part of our personnel development program. It is part of our corporate culture to actively accompany our employees on their career path. We encourage initiative and professional commitment and train them accordingly.


Oroox's enterprise technology is a leader in production and CPQ technologies. Through a worldwide possible configuration, planning or construction of products combined with manufacturing, Oroox enables completely new business models in the area of industry 4.0. Complex products and productions can be created easily and by people worldwide. Oroox technology enables companies to create completely new products and markets.


Our customers are the focus of our work. Oroox has customers of all sizes, especially in the productive environment in many industries and countries. Among them are European and world market leaders. We advise and develop for companies that everyone knows, as well as ambitious start-ups with great ideas that are largely unknown and only at the beginning of their growth. Oroox's customers always have a very innovative if not disruptive attitude and are taking completely new paths with our solutions. Since we have been working with the vast majority of them for many years, this has resulted in true partnerships.

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