Oroox designs BIM solution (Building Information Modelling) for formwork manufacturers with artificially intelligent planning proposals

News | May 2019

Oroox develops a concept for formwork manufacturers. This is based on artificially intelligent planning proposals. The planning software can be called up from a plug-in in Revit (Autodesk planning software). Revit connects to the Oroox online planning application. The defined building parts are transferred from Revit. Oroox then suggests formwork variants. These formwork variants can be optimized according to various parameters. For example, according to product line, static aspects or costs. The formwork variant is displayed in 2D or 3D in the browser. After selecting the variant, the planning is taken over to Revit. The parts are integrated into Revit planning as BIM models. The variants are calculated with artificial intelligence.

E-Commerce - B2B

The planning is fully stored in the database and is available for the formwork manufacturer. The formwork manufacturer knows at any time which plans will be created with his formwork products. The online platform can also be connected to a shop system. This offers the planner the possibility to order the products directly from Revit or from the Oroox platform online.

Always up-to-date data worldwide

The planning algorithms and formwork products are always up to date because they are based on a live web application. Any changes or additions are immediately effective worldwide. The products are maintained in the Oroox-PIM (Product Information System).

Static calculation as a service for the customer

The constructions are calculated statically and presented to the customer in the form of a report. This service for the customer makes his work easier and relieves him of the complete static documentation. At the same time, the construction is checked for safety and technical feasibility.

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More information about the formwork designer at https://oroox.com/en/solution/by-example/building-materials-building-products-bim


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