Oroox Platform

The Oroox Framework is divided into various modules and components. The individual modules are used within the framework of software development and component-based development approaches. These modules are part divided into micro apps which ensure a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Symbiosis between customer, employee and machine

Oroox gives customers of a company complete access to a company's product and production knowledge in the form of graphic elements and design activities.

The customer plans, configures, constructs or calculates in the simplest way on the company's website and receives support from digital mechanisms resulting from the digitization of the entire process.

Platform Modules

Basic Kernel

The heart

The Oroox core takes care of all the graphical calculations.


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Static Kernel

The Engine

The Oroox static kernel is a powerful engine for all static calculations.


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The face

The Oroox editor, which is exclusively web-based, allows anyone to use the technology's functions via their browser.


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Rule Engine

The Law

The knowledge based Oroox framework defines the rules of the different mechanisms in a data- and goal-driven manner.


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Artificial Intelligence


The artificial intelligence of Oroox tries to reproduce certain decision-making structures of humans.

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Deep Learning

The Brain

The Oroox kernel provides interaction between business and graphic data and enables an optimized data exchange between server and browser. 


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