Renew business model with Oroox

The rapidly proceeding digitalization is profoundly and lastingly changing companies of all sizes and in all industries: Completely new business models are emerging, new products and services, new customer relationships. The goal: New, better and unique customer experiences.

Why to transform

Motivation and approach

Digitization brings new opportunities and challenges for employees and companies. These can be successfully mastered if companies understand the measures to be implemented and consistently apply the concept they have developed.

What to transform

Fully automated customer individualization 

With its innovative software solution, Oroox bridges the gap between e-commerce, distribution, sales and production and is mainly used by producers to individualize products. 

How to transform

Analysis to implementation

A first analysis provides a comprehensive picture of the initial situation. Based on this - in coordination with the persons involved - the further actions in the transformation process follow. 

Explore new ways and change your business model with Oroox

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