Optimize processes

Process optimization in organizations serves to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing business, production and development processes as well as the use of the resources required for this. It is essential for the success of a company that all processes are as optimized as possible. The goal of an Oroox implementation is to optimize different business processes.


of the organizational framework

In the first phase the necessary framework for the development of the strategy is created. This includes classic project management tasks, such as setting up a project team or creating time and planning plans.


of goals

When specifying the goals, it must be clarified which different expectations management, customers or suppliers have about the business processes or performance of the company.


of the largest potentials

In this phase, it is important to filter out the areas in which the greatest levers for digitization lie. The basis for this is the recording of the current status within the project.


of suitable solution modules

The evaluation and identification of suitable solutions is the creative phase of the model. The aim here is to develop digitisation concepts for the fields of action with the greatest need.



The process concludes with the derivation of a roadmap that describes the way to implementation. For this purpose it has to be specified which changes have to be made on different levels (human, technology, processes, ...) in order to implement the developed building blocks.

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