Servitization with Oroox

Product-service combinations are extremely important for companies today. An increasing percentage of revenue is generated with services. The transformation from a product or technology manufacturer to a service provider is complex and corresponds to a business transformation.


instead of products

The change of a company away from selling a product alone to a combined offer of product and service is nowadays indispensable. This combination has a higher benefit for all participants than the physical product alone.


instead of output

Only those providers who understand the customer needs around the product even better can optimize their entire service package with the service approach. This leads to a distinct differentiation from market competitors.

Customer relationship

instead of transaction

A high-quality product alone is no longer enough to guarantee secure sales. Customers attach more and more importance to the relationship and interaction with their suppliers, dealers and producers.

Customer focus

instead of product focus

The customer is in focus. A long-term customer relationship can be created through successful customer centricity. This leads to the customer ultimately identifying with the company permanently and through various channels.

Backwards to the customer

instead of forward to the product

The relationship with customers is often more important than the product itself. Companies that cling to products and infrastructures will sooner or later be overtaken by competitors that make customer relationships the core of their business model.

Create customer value

with service

The differentiation of companies purely through their products is becoming more and more difficult. The personalization and individualization of services are the new central value creation strategies.

Find the right balance between product and service

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