The procedure model for setting innovations

With the help of creativity techniques, Oroox develops new business models together with the customer, without orienting itself to existing thought patterns or business models. This results in ideas that are evaluated on the basis of a grid. This enables radical business model innovation.

The Generic Procedure Model for introducing Oroox starts with the preparation phase. The focus here is on creating a unified knowledge base for Oroox for the people involved. At the second place follows the analysis phase for the competence of the company. The idea generation phase is based on these findings. Ideas for the optimization of existing processes and systems for the development of a new business model are developed in this phase. After the ideas have been developed, the evaluation phase follows. In the evaluation phase, the results are prepared for future business opportunities so that they can be implemented together with the company in the implementation phase of Oroox. 

Generic Procedure Model

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The previous steps make it possible to generate ideas for the optimization of value-added processes in order to develop new business models. Knowledge and information can be derived from production process data. Warehouse management is changing in the direction of production as required. This leads to an increased demand for individualization of production. Individualization is achieved through a variety of variants and leads to more customer interaction, to new forms of customer loyalty, but also to new forms of cooperation. Differentiation through product quality is moving in the direction of new differentiation, which supplements product quality with service quality.

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The result of the preparation phase usually shows that a company has to start projects on its own initiative. With this approach and the results of the analysis phase, developments can be defined that have formed from the results of the idea collection in the idea generation phase. Here, a detailed description of each Oroox usage option is given in individual recommendations.

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With the beginning of the implementation phase, the generic procedure model for the introduction of Oroox in a company ends. Once the benefits of Oroox have been recognized and the preparations for implementation have been made by the recommendations for action, a board decision by the company management initiates the start of implementation. In order to receive the board decision, the company management is submitted a business plan containing investment and capacity planning. An early start of the implementation of the first projects as well as a successful proof of concept of the recommendations for action secures the future of the company.