Our vision: A world with Millions of individual Products.

We want to give people the opportunity to use their creative inventive potential. Each person is and thinks individually. The future should give people the opportunity to turn their visions into products, designs and plans without specialist knowledge and without specialists. This could enable a world of completely new and inspiring things and raise the potential of each individual.


People want to create. We want to give people the opportunity to design their products and needs themselves. People cannot always have extensive knowledge about manufacturing processes. But what people have is a precise idea of what they like. For this reason, Oroox would like to provide people with the means to design their environment in such a way that they feel comfortable. People should enjoy and motivate themselves in their creativity by shaping their products in everyday life. They should be able to design their house, their room, their table, their bicycle and much more completely independently.


Companies can enter a whole new era with Oroox. They can make all their knowledge available to their customers worldwide in a playful and visual way, without giving the knowledge away directly. This enables a graphic access of all people to this knowledge and production of a company. Our vision is to guide companies worldwide into this new age and to multiply the product variety of companies.

Increase diversity

Products should be able to be designed by all people. We want to significantly increase the number of variants.

Enabling uniqueness

Every human being is unique and therefore also his design ideas. We want to give people this access.

Increase individuality

People and companies think and feel completely individually. Oroox wants to help create products for the individual.