We educate developers and train employees

We train you further in internal and external training centres. Learn how to handle 3D data and WebGL and how to apply this knowledge in web-based applications and solutions.

Education as WebGL Developer

During our education, web developers are trained to become 3D developers. You will learn the basics of rasterization and 3D algorithms in a first 40 hour external training session. As a result, they will learn advanced techniques from our internal staff. After this unit you should be able to create any kind of 3D web application and will be integrated into Oroox projects, up to including complete applications. The training is fully funded by Oroox. We train them for their future in our company.

Training as Oroox Innovation Consultant

Exponential changes in technologies, disruptive business models and changing markets determine everyday life in globalized business. Change means opportunities: The Oroox Innovation Consultant makes them usable, together with our customers. Oroox develops new strategies and models beyond the familiar and secure and exposes new business opportunities. Together with his clients, he explores future potential, develops innovation strategies and anchors innovation fitness sustainably in companies. The innovation consultant is a person who wants to change companies - and the world - with passion.

Training as Oroox-Social-Seller

Social selling is the management of social relationships with the aim of increasing the sales of a product or service. Social selling techniques are: Content sharing in communities and direct communication with existing or potential customers. The primary objective is to identify potential customers, understand their decision-makers, gain insights, build trust and demonstrate competence. The short to medium-term goal is always direct dialogue. Learn in an impressive way how to break new ground in sales.

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