The initial situation of the company

Founded in mid-2000, the holding company consists of a portfolio of successful medium-sized industrial companies in metalworking. The aim of the company is to use the opportunity to create added value for the customers together with the community of a group. The industrial group, which is also active in sheet metal processing, offers its customers the entire spectrum of metal processing in the subcontracting segment. Services include engineering, procurement, welding, machining, surface treatment and the mounting of complete assemblies. The company masters some technologically leading manufacturing processes.

The machinery can be described as modern and of high quality. The degree of automation in the production can be regarded as mediocre. The capacity utilization of the company is good in some areas, but leaves much to improve in other areas. Over the years, the classically established contract manufacturer has won its customers from the surrounding area and above all by word of mouth. Sales with a small team are mainly in German-speaking countries. In the initial situation, the calculation in the field of sheet metal production can only be carried out with great effort and often takes a few weeks before an offer is made.

100 million CHF turnover
around 400 employees
7 production sites 
main market Switzerland

The initial situation of the industry

The entire sheet metal processing industry is changing. Economically, the production processes of sheet metal and hybrid structures are very important. In most cases, medium-sized companies are characterised by their local environment. Individual industry experts try to conquer the market through supply portals.

The industry is trying to save costs by reducing material usage and production costs. The price calculations for sheet metal parts groups are different, very agile and with little certainty. The connection of the worldwide markets and regional peculiarities create special demands. The automation of production plants is often very well developed with state-of-the-art machinery. However, in a large number of companies production decisions depend on individual technical key personnel.


High degree of automation
Technically mature machines
Constantly improved quality
Inaccurate price calculations
Enormous price competition
Cost pressure on material costs
Cost pressure due to labour costs
Lack of new customers

The solution for the company

Oroox digitized the machine park and its functions. Starting with set-up times, technical speeds, size restrictions and machine characteristics, every human decision was integrated into the Oroox system, as were material and price databases. Subgroups from the last three years were analyzed and the calculation logic integrated.

The resulting solution for the sheet metal processor begins with the customer uploading his workpiece to the website in STEP format. Oroox automatically breaks down the workpiece into its individual parts and calculates it flat. The presentation is three-dimensional. In addition, all manufacturing operations such as welding, laser cutting, bending, punching, drilling, third parts elements and much more are recognized and automatically recorded.

The material and other parameters are then defined by the customer, the producing machines are automatically selected with an algorithm and the workpiece is calculated online and in real time depending on the number of pieces. The feasibility of the production is checked live on the basis of the digitalized company knowledge and the machine park. If necessary, the customer is also made aware of problem areas.

After checking the feasibility and validating all data, the customer can order the workpiece online. The data is prepared for the ERP system as well as for the machines and transferred directly to them. Various orders can be pooled and produced according to capacity and urgency. The back office or the previous calculators are responsible for the online support. Here the customer gets direct answers to his questions.

The merging of the orders is done by the Oroox system. Nested and material is saved by pooling orders. The controllable pricing is based on urgency and the underlying production optimization as well as capacity utilization. The customer can now easily order Swiss quality and accuracy from all over the world.

The result

The company is now reaching several times the number of potential new customers in the extended geographical area. Existing customers can request an offer in real time within seconds. Designers can review their design and measure costs, adjust design and costs if necessary. The system has a lasting effect on the acquisition of new customers. The calculation department is sustainably relieved and also calculates internally on the Oroox system. As a result, the company decided to launch its own digital service with its own brand, which will be positioned independently within the group.

Offer in seconds

Customers can calculate the prices of their sheet metal parts groups themselves simply and worldwide, in various languages. An average calculation process takes 50 seconds.

30% cost saving for material

The pooling of orders enables much more efficient production planning and preparation. Nesting across orders reduces material usage by up to 30%.

Revenue growth through service

Sales are constantly increasing due to the easy access of designers and buyers. The geographical sales area expands to Europe. 

Start the future in sheet metal processing and increase your turnover

Oroox has the ability to change the sheet metal processing industry