Initial situation of the branch of industry


The products offered are relatively similar. The differentiation from the competition and the resulting competitive advantage are missing. 

Price competition

Added to this is the international comparability of offers. Competition is intensifying beyond national borders. 


The increasing desire for individualisation on the part of customers presents many companies with an additional challenge. 


A solution was created in which the customer selects his desired promotional items and designs them online - without complex plug-ins. The customer has the possibility to upload his graphics. These are vectorized in the background and simply placed on the product via drag and drop. In addition, the customer has the option of using various text and drawing tools to add further design elements to the design of his article.

Directly in the draft it is automatically controlled whether the placement is feasible and thus a production is possible. Line widths, margins, colours and other parameters are defined by the knowledge of the production team and implemented directly in the software. Therefore, the customer can only design his promotional items within the scope of the given possibilities.

After checking the feasibility and validating all data, the customer can order his product online. All the necessary information is exchanged directly with the shop system, which enables the exact calculation of the end product.


Expand market

Digital change is ubiquitous and is changing the market extensively. National borders are easy to overcome, deliveries can be made worldwide within a few days.

Increase revenue

Marketing and sales support. This helps companies to create quotes faster and more accurately or to perform the most complicated calculations.

Set innovation

Innovation means a head start. The solution offers an increase in the degree of innovation while at the same time providing more complex products.

Leave the design to your customer

Individual design of promotional items with Oroox