Initial situation of the branch of industry

Price competition

The international comparability of offers makes it easier for buyers to obtain information on a supra-regional basis. Competition is intensifying.


The increasing desire for individualisation on the part of customers presents many companies with an additional challenge.


New ideas and innovative business models are often difficult to find in traditional companies. 


A solution is created in which the customer can enter the mass of his office space in a user-friendly way. In the following, the rooms are presented three-dimensionally. The user can then begin to equip the rooms individually. The furniture can be selected in various categories and positioned in the room using drag & drop.

The online product designer takes into account minimum distances and digitalised recommendations from professional planners. All nesting and combination possibilities of the furniture are logically integrated and can be positioned accordingly by the customer. 

In the course of planning, the customer can continuously move in the three-dimensional space and thus obtain a realistic feeling for the room and his future workplace. The user has a constant overview of the total costs of the products used as well as of the total delivery time. After the feasibility check and validation of all data by the system, the customer can order and receives price and contract. The manufacturer's technical advisors have the opportunity to support the customer live in the planning phase in an online collaboration.


Expand market

Digital change is omnipresent and is changing the market extensively. National borders are easy to cross, deliveries can be made worldwide within a few days.

Provide service

The service orientation of our technology is changing business models into a customer-oriented form of value creation. 

Always open

Customers buy day and night, because the Internet is always open. The offer is always up to date, continuously adapted and expanded.

Turn the customer into a furniture designer

The convenient solution from Oroox