Initial situation of the branch of industry

Time expenditure

The organisation of a trade fair stand is associated with high expenditure of time and personnel. 

Error susceptibility

Despite multiple consultations and clarifications, construction errors may occur due to differing opinions.

Overall planning

The internal and complex overall planning of the trade fair does not bring any added value for individual exhibitors. 


A solution was created in which the customer can design his desired trade fair stand online, three-dimensionally and without plugin. This is done by importing a trade fair plan previously created in AutoCAD and assigning a trade fair box to the exhibitor. The exhibitor then receives a link with access data and thus enters the platform in order to individually design his personal exhibition stand.

To do this, the stand operator has the option of uploading and positioning the desired exhibits. Likewise, rental furniture provided by the trade fair operator can be positioned by drag and drop. If required, additional walls, doors and infrastructure such as sockets etc. can also be used. The lighting system is also very easy to use via drag and drop and visualises a real lighting simulation.

The employees of the trade fair operator also have the opportunity to support the customer in an online collaboration - live - during the planning phase. After the feasibility check and the validation of all data by the system, the customer can order and receives the costs and the corresponding contract. The customer then receives a link with access data and enters the platform in order to individually design his personal trade fair stand.


Set innovation

Innovation means a head start. The solution offers an increase in the degree of innovation while at the same time providing more complex products.

Relieve employees

Digital systems simplify and optimize processes. Employees are relieved and flexibility increased. 

Prevent errors

The examination of the feasibility and feasibility of designs and constructions is a central Oroox element. 

Design your perfect corporate representation

With Oroox you plan your own exhibition stand