Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Oroox offers extensive functionalities as a web-based BIM application. It is an intelligent, 3D model-based online service that provides architects, engineers and contractors with information and tools for efficient planning, design and construction. The exact scope of services always depends on the needs of the respective product application of the manufacturer.

Building Data Modelling

Oroox offers the possibility to create product models with multi-layered basis online or via desktop CAD system plugin. The latest trend is to offer fully automated solutions based on requirements and conditions.

Intelligent Product use

Oroox offers the possibility to create planners and trades with solution competence from the product portfolio of the respective manufacturer on the basis of a self-learning system (deep learning), artificial intelligence and own static processor. The trades are guided through the planning and feasibility in the simplest way or complete solutions are proposed based on the requirements.

Intelligent support for costumers in construction with digital solution- and Support design proposals

Simple planning of complex solutions