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Our vision: Paving the way for a New Manufacturing Era

We at Oroox leverage our technical expertise and innovation to open the doors to the digital age for manufacturers. Together, we democratise manufacturing for all types of manufacturers.

With Oroox you get a bundle of strong experiences​

Oroox simplifies the process of selling products for both individuals and businesses. With our advanced technology we offer user-friendly design and quote solutions for faster sales and improved customer experiences. Make your customers happy and differentiate yourself from competitors with Oroox solutions and focus on production without worrying about sales. Across the world, we have served many manufacturers across metals, wood, glass, and plastics industries. Our strong technical background enables our clients to turn their unique visions into real products and completely new markets. Our trailblazing solutions continue to be a benchmark for the rest of the industry.

Creating new business models for manufacturing

Digitalization is changing all aspects of everyday manufacturing. Oroox enables you to turn your complex products and processes into services. Our solutions empower your customers to connect directly with your entire business, control the machines visually, and produce completely personalized products. Oroox makes this happen by storing all the necessary information in the form of graphical or constructive feasibility rules. Our approach is a disruptive force for many industries and old business models.

If you stop getting better, you stop being good

Digital change is transforming everyday life in many industries. The trend to change the product into a service is one of the future determining changes.

Increasing diversity

Products should be able to be designed by all people. We want to significantly increase the number of variants.

Democratizing design

Every human is unique and therefore has unique design ideas. We want to give people the access to leave their mark on their production.

Enabling individuality

People and companies think and feel completely individually. Oroox wants to help create products for the individual.

Enter into a new age

Oroox is changing the future of sales in manufacturing.