The manufacturing industry is changing.

Including the way in which to design, sell and deliver products. Oroox offers companies the opportunity to go backward from the customer, instead of going forward from the product.

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The construction industry is in a decisive turning point.

With Building Information Modeling, Oroox brings digitalization to companies in the building materials and building products industry. In order to remain competitive, the players are required to adapt their business models.

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Oroox core functions

Oroox offers a wide range of functions and features, which can be used individually or in combination.


PTO (Plan-to-Order)

The customer of the enterprise plans his product on Oroox completely independently over the web browser. All necessary tools are developed individually and rules are adapted.


ETO (Engineer-to-Order)

A company makes the Oroox solution available for design purposes. The customer designs with the deposited know-how as two- or three-dimensional support.



ATO (Assemble-to-Order)

The customer configures the product completely independently with the product and manufacturing options stored for this purpose.


UTP (Upload-to-Produce)

Oroox checks the feasibility of a drawing, design, construction or uploaded file and supports the customer with tips and rules.


DTP (Design-to-Produce)

Oroox calculates from a drawing, a design, a construction or an uploaded file production time and price and availability depending on the quantity and machinery.


ETP (Engineer-to-Produce)

The Oroox system is able to generate different types of data and is able to feed production machines directly.

Oroox enables completely new, digital business models.

"I want to give people the opportunity to use their creative inventive potential. Each person is individual and thinks individually. The future should give people the opportunity to turn their visions into products, designs and plans without specialist knowledge and without specialists. This could enable a world of completely new and inspiring things and raise the potential of each individual.“

Markus Hannes Winter, CEO Oroox

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World- and Europe-wide successful companies rely on Oroox.

Oroox enables companies to disrupt their market and establish new business models for the future.