Online Sales and Quoting Software for Custom Parts Manufacturing

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Manufacturing - Online Sales and Quoting Software for Custom Parts

Transform your manufacturing business with the Oroox Quote E-Commerce Software. Quote your prices for various production processes online with your own calculation and validation rules. Join the digital age and offer online quoting 24/7 for RFQ.

Manufacturing - Online Sales and Quoting Software for Custom Parts

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Boost Your Revenues

Outdated business models leave money on the table. See your turnover take off by finishing quotes and sales in seconds. Instant quoting leads to higher conversion rates and likely purchase progression.
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Sell smart

Leverage Oroox’s unique architecture to automate your sales with fully individualized cost calculations and validation steps.
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Quote instantly

Quote faster = win more business. It’s that simple. Instant quotes streamline purchasing decisions, eliminating delays from manual calculations or communication.
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Be competitive

Win your customers with speedy and reliable quotes that they can’t get from your competitor next door. Offering instant quoting takes over the manual response to RFQs.

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Process Orders Online

Offer your clients a seamless digital experience by processing their orders from the initial quote to checkout effortlessly.
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Reduce costs

Reduce your costs by minimizing calculation errors, eliminating manual tasks, and economizing your processes.
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Getting a quote online​

Oroox Quote software is a powerful quoting software for manufacturers that uses advanced visual recognition algorithms to extract key information from construction files, streamlining the quoting process, generate 3D previews and providing accurate, detailed quotes in milliseconds.

Manufacturing - Quote a custom part online
Manufacturing - Ordering a custom part online

Ordering a part online​

Oroox E-Commerce software is the automated, web-based solution designed to give customers a seamless journey from quoting to delivery, ensuring a pleasant buying experience with easy-to-use interfaces for ordering personalized products.

Designing a part online​

The designer software, as the premium extension of Oroox Quote, not only retains all the benefits of the Quote version but also enables the design and visualization of the client’s unique concepts. While prioritizing practicality and feasibility, the Designer facilitates a professional experience in bringing creative ideas to life.
Manufacturing - Design a custom part online


Feasibility check and identification of necessary manufacturing processes based on customized manufacturing rules.


Instant and accurate price calculation with considering all relevant factors such as material costs, machine use, additional work and more.


The customer navigates to self-checkout to provide address, choose delivery date and place the order.


Here the manufacturer steps in and does what he knows best: to produce!


Once production is completed, products are shipped with continuous order status tracking.

Oroox transforms your traditional sales to E-Commerce

Transform your sales strategy and outpace your competitors by leveraging the advantages of e-commerce. With Oroox’s software, you can generate fast and accurate quotes, giving you a competitive edge and the ability to win more business. From quote requests to payment processing, our streamlined process ensures a unique customer experience, allowing you to focus on your craft. By switching from traditional RFQs by transitioning to online quoting, you can streamline your processes, save time, and enhance the overall efficiency of your quoting workflow.

CNC Machining

Precision meets progress: Superior CNC Machining Solutions for efficient orders and optimized workflow

Sheet Metal​​

Sheet Metal Excellence: Uniting accuracy, efficiency, and sector-specific expertise for success

Profiles & Tubes​​

Customized Profile & Tube Solutions: Advanced techniques for accurate and versatile outcomes

2D Cutting

2D Cutting for several usecases: Flexible System for all two-dimensional jobs.

Enter a New Business Model for Manufacturing

Tired of responding to hundreds of RFQs, manual calculations and order shipping daily? At Oroox, we know that your job is already challenging enough, so why complicate it further? Instead, sit back and watch your customers make large and complex purchases online automatically and have them delivered directly to their doorstep. We have transformed that noisy workshop into sweet music for your ears, allowing you to focus on what matters most: building high-quality products for your customers. Optimize your e-commerce by connecting our solution with your ERP systems. The sophisticated yet user-friendly interface allows your customers to get instant quotes for hundreds of parts, place their orders anytime from any place. And after this buying experience, the customer will want to come back soon again.


Quote assemblies & metal parts online with a wide variety of manufacturing processes. In all common materials and grades.


Quote complex plastic components and assemblies using a range of fabrication techniques. Accommodate various material types and specifications.


Quote online with modern woodworking techniques and merge tradition and innovation for outstanding results.

Fully customizable

With Oroox’s integrated Rule Engine software, it is possible to personalize calculation and validation algorithms for your specific needs. There are three calculation templates available for each manufacturing operation.

White labeled

To align your solution perfectly with your corporate identity, you can fully customize its design by placing your logo, choosing your preferred color scheme, and changing the content and language to meet your needs.

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