Partnership-based cooperation.


Oroox is not only a conventional software company. In long-term partnerships, the company acts also as a technology and financing platform which also supports companies and start-ups in the areas where software can play an essential role.

Oroox has the opportunity to support the business start-ups with resources, business know-how and contacts in a very early stage and also contributes to the development of companies primarily through transfer of its service portfolio. Thus, Oroox allows further evolution or growth step.

Misson Statement.

Liechtenstein, 21th Sep. 2016. Markus Winter, CEO OROOX AG

Chocolate Designer 4.0

Productvideo - Oroox Chocolate-Designer 4.0 - The customer designs and customize your product on your website.

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You invest with a low capital input. Owing to the in-house leasing, Oroox offers a new bank-independent form of investment. You spare your liquidity and your equity capital, your credit line and bankable security remain unaffected.

Pay with the added value.

"Pay as you earn": The lease contract period generally corresponds to the useful life of your investment. Due to the parallel course of leasing costs and the income / benefits resulting from application of the project, companies are able to pay the lease installments based on the current income.

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